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and i will away.

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the first long post [May. 16th, 2004|05:48 am]
and i will away.
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\any Knowledge Would Be Fucking ....gratitude Is Not The Word>


context.and also ive never ever seen a crowd so deep"ranting'????oh okay.well the actual storys so insane and sick and makes me FINALLY suicidial. iwasnt before but i am now. My E mails hav ebeen monitored for years all communications have been monitored for years all checks have been kited since 97 and anyone that might tell got ex nayed "Brookes just not talented enough" Brooke did you know the trust fund is ( under sealthank god because i was speechless until i kn ew what it was that had happened- WHO made an 8 million dollar loan? Who made 14 million in a year? whi doesnt have a pot to piss in?WHO had me arrested KNOWING what might be in my piss?Who uswed one of the sbc verizon att sprint accounts.to forward numbers from la whiole thry eerter in Senegal and fucking paris and who opened PO boxes in every city in america/WHAT Forensic accountant is going to find "Hsbc fowler and poukltry streeet ( obscure area of London) account name"The St. George TRust" who went to Bermuda and geneva and the caymans?now i know, WHY? is the next question? why hide t shirtsa? why daRG OUT THE NIRVAMA LLC CASEUN TILT HE LEAYWE R RECIEVED A 981,000 DOLLAR CHECK- ONLY HE NEVER RECIEVED IT? WHO HAs the INSANITY TO HAVE
"ESTATE OF KURT COBAIN PERSOBNAL; REPRESENTETIVE K....N SCHUBERT" this goes to a lawyer in Seattkle rioght? I mean...even though itsa unheared of for estates to remain oipen TEN years thank god this one IS actally a good thingthe checks got o a "suite oin sunset ( in `1999 the postage bukk oassed a law that all Pruvate mail boixes neded to say PO biox not suite.This Info was found on a white paper- with white out,"box 114" and "pmb 119" and at the bottom " Tony cxannot know'
Tony Mccourt had a divorce with Melissa J. Mccourt Trustee of the Heather Road trust, trustee of the frances bean heathe rroad trust, ytistee of the clarity trust. sinc e1997. This tale doesnt make me look good byu the way.

Since 1997 Melissa and Jim have been kiting all checks and purchasing properties all over the world. Kings Winford..where is that>?
look at this one "NEPA " Northeastern Pennsylvania property iot sisnrt just biot of them owning properties topgether- ot osnt just the one in Biunghampton ( there are THREE prominsent jim Barbers- an ambulance chaser type lawyer. An Nascar driver or something. a comedian.
and the "prodcuer" whiogot hisself a Biz'ness manager. with one source of income for six years ...yeah great idea.
Whjat do you do when his comnp breaks and he sends it to Racksppace in San antonio? What when you foind Dirable Power of Attorneys all ove rthepolace and find out from advances Graphics across the street tha theyve been printing for this bitch for five years- NOONE has ANY POA over me
Scranton slum housing. Haptau ( hers) Macti beach) his Coilumbine Co. ( CLS Chartered flights, theres only three but "only " three learjets is a TON to me and Frances. and then its insane and wierd but on his Yahoo property list of the Colorado property its so fuckedis a sigil for Washingtoin Mutual( "we dont ask for Id!") wm refinanced my mother in laws home....at the point my mother in law demanded that i faCE REALITY and trhat this man had isolated me form eberyoine i knew - all of the siudden my mother in law was cut off and rfefinanced- not ny me nbot even signed by me, a lien came out for 1.5 million on ,my loft, i never recieved one bill, thats becaus ei recieve nothing.
there is a letter to Suze Orman- and she was reluctant ( celebrities she avoids- but im so fucked uop behind credit and money- my fica score is ghetto) but took my case becaue she felt bad and because her and my friend prodiuces a show i did wqell on.......I begged the above named to xcontribute one ONE thing in this whole year and we can discuss the entire thing and perhaps you can give me guidaNCE here- because due to the factt hat i assumed 9like a dick) the turst funsd eas having me followed and tapoped it was in fact not them- they cannot do such things......they sued me for making 11 million dollars in 2002- i made 15. oh sorry my add. I didnt know i made this kind of money, in fact "i " do not .. Kurts estate and Frances Bean make this kind of money, Upon Kurts death, a "glitch" /division occured. My REAL ss# and Kurts SS# were used to account for 2/3rds of mty income- this income is income i do not have never recieved.
wich is why these numbers are so huge and i havent a bank account. My Public Persona has been torn to such shreds that a doctor who WATCHED me urinate and GRABBED the hair off of my head Personally wAs called yesterday ( wait wait wait....as i write that....Jim and Melissa had no mercy aboput starving Wendy and Kim and Brie anne- No mercy about luring me to my own property and having me arrested, no mercy about on the Frioday thaT Franncy was taken from school and iow asnt told where she was and jim KNEW and knew i would have died, if anything worse happened=- he had Julie and Josh taped sayiong they were worried about me, I found out that youy cannot get the loony bin ( 5150 in california) for "suicidial" threats wich ...if "Im gonna jump off the empre state buildiomg couunts if.."Im gonna light the first fucking match atthe stake" counts as actual suicide threats then mama lets go, they had no mercy- and a ton of motive. HOW AM I ON VIRGIN AGAIN????? YES i do think its my signature- NO i do not have anmy recioleectionm of signing withthat labek so when it all hits theother day when im foirced to hearemplyee x5 say "shes dozzzing"x6" stomed good and stoned"rustle rustle like cash ( i havebt foujnf maccourt versus b ( allegedly for Bricklin- shes from PA and "ran" the " legal department at geffen" if this is true i dont know. I wne tthroiugh barbers 95 ND 96 Geffen expense reports and im sire thye feel the sam way---- have a mistress whatever- but on our dime? and that wife number one? working two jobs, two kids- ONE he impregnates her having this extrmarital affaIR WEITHME- now im too guilty about this fore words 0- but i figure all that must ne the 'BITCH MONSTER OPPRESSOR EVIL WIFE" that his hokm elooks like a morgue and he seems so disconnected from society and its rules- far more than me- or even inhis narcissims and small town social contracts likw Kurt- cept Kurt was validly creative and he was moral. we trangressed morality me and this man. His tale to tell about the "im,pregnationm: was that he was YAWN PLEASE( i get my strength through this all from Heartless bitches international whose emotional manipulator essay is pure genius
' I went to get my stuff and i guess i knew it was the goodbye fuck.She grabbed me and pulled me down and i said are you safe and she said yes, and i had sex with her, and she seemed so smug..... of course it never happened again ( yeah kind of like when he swore to god on hios childrens lives that hed onkly had sex with melissa in sepotenmber and October a few times and a prostitute named Vanessa
** Prostitutes- Theres a fortune in hooker services on my amex under all sorts of names- and then theres these chartered trips to Vegas last month on"his amex-= he somehow squeezed mine off his- what with ALL of Kurts tshiort money and Dean going to a small towen in Lousiana and selling a Loan they made for 2.8 million to them and making another loan for 1 ,7 and they start a mortgage comapny and the carnation house Kurt bought for cash going to " The truistees of Courtney Love" in 1991 without me knowsing and the Chase "p[ayments" going to a bank in Pheonix where they also own a bout ten houses- shitty ones- On THAT Washington mutual loan - the next one wich goes throug Northfork bank " TYruth In lending" THAT application actually has Dean and Melissa and jims shit on itMelissa buys a BMW on my amex i always thought.Acvtually NOMelissa Buys TWO BMWSTWO LANDROVERSAND THEN THERES THE PORSCHEat christmas after jim alegedly "totalled" a porsche wich three years previously i had told him for hi sbirthday i would leas hima mid life crisis porsche for six months
The man who did these taxes was named Kurt Vittola from Gudvi Chapnick Oppenheim, and if it had not been for my former nannys love of Frances i would not have seen the entire show and i want to share that with yiou.POlease copy this fast.Jim will teaR IT down. Brooke youve been paid 1-2 ooo a month every month as a priority- and we need to talk- any survivor of my employ has to know- "know" youll be supeonad beause VB used Kitty